Hotels are Liars!!

So I’ve been away from Daddyland for a few days now and am anxious to get home. I spent the last 4 days northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula which is quite beautiful even though they got a lot of snow. Lucky for me I was able to rent a Ford Flex and had no problem with the snow. I’m currently waiting in the cutest little airport (Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City), it actually looks like a hunting lodge, and is nothing like Detroit Metro. The people are nice, even security, but it is funny that rental car agencies don’t open until 10 am. It was weird dropping off my car and depositing my keys into a slot.

Now you might be wondering why I say hotels are liars, well I will tell you. With my new job, I’ve had the opportunity to stay in many a hotel lately. All of them say that they are concerned about the environment or they want to reduce their carbon foot print, blah, blah, blah. So they say as a guest I can help them out. How you might ask? Well by just reusing your towels, keeping your same bed linens throughout your stay, etc. By doing this we help them save tons on water, detergents, etc.

Well this is a load of bunk. Now I am not the greenest person in the world. In fact, all I do is use the reusable grocery bags and that’s only because some stores give you a discount for using them. So I figured, why not help out the environment when I’m on the road. I don’t need a fresh towel in the morning or fresh bed linens. I use the same towel at home for a few day and the same goes for the sheets on my bed.

So like a good Earth friendly person, I hang my towels up on the provided racks. Guess what, when I get back to my hotel room, they are gone. Replaced by nice, new fresh towels. What happened to saving the planet? Now if this had been an isolated incident, I would chalk it up to an over ambitious housekeeping staff member, but every hotel I’ve been in for the past 2 months has done the same thing. I hang up my towel and I come back and it’s gone.

Now bed linens are another story, I’ve only actually “caught” them changing my sheets once or twice. I’ve come back from an appointment early only to realize I couldn’t get in my room because they were cleaning it (which I think is amazing). And low and behold, the bed is stripped, fresh linens are being applied.

So why hotel industry do you want us to believe that you are or have gone or are going green? Is it because that is the in thing to be right now? Stop lying to us. Stop hanging up your little signs. If you want to change my towels and sheets every day, go ahead. I don’t mind. Actually it’s kind of the cool part of being in a hotel. Fess up and just say you don’t care about the environment and we can all move on.

Very shortly, I’ll be on a plane back to Daddyland. Can’t wait to see Wifey and Little E.


Anonymous said...

I really don't care about the environment so I say if you're spending money in a hotel, you should get fresh everything everyday!!! Darn it!!

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